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Reload Notes

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Reload Notes is a caliber specific booklet I designed for reloading that wish to keep detailed notes of custom loads I work up.

The basic format for data is the same for all, but each caliber has its own cartridge drawing for reference at the bench.

Each booklet contains a place for the smallest details one could consider in producing and, more importantly, replicating those tack driving loads you spent many hours developing.

If certain details for your loads will remain the same, such as the rifle you'll use it in, that can be computer printed at time of the order.

Reloadnotes2.jpg (342809 bytes)

Reload Notes can be used for anything from 22LR to the 45-110 BPCR cartridges.  We have included areas that allow for lead and jacketed bullets and the type of lube used.

Below you can see a sample page of Reload Notes

Please note there is ample space to write-in information or data, as well as more general comments.

Reloadnotes3.jpg (333659 bytes)

I designed Reload Notes to take to the range and for later reference.